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Who we are

Edenic Pathway is a privately-owned Christian business

and lifestyle home retreat centre, focused on health and spiritual reformation. Your health, healing, and

restoration of mind and body are important and we hope to meet your needs with botanical herbs, essential oils, and nutritional counselling. 

We are passionate about all things natural, the Gospel, and educating people to identify the cause of disease and change unhealthful lifestyles. We have been given every plant yielding seed on this earth for the use of healing.

Our stocklist has a vast range of the purest and highest quality certified organic oils and botanical herbs. Our ethos is - Health is a treasure, and of all the things we own, it is the most precious.

Edenic Pathway's oils have the purest certified organic plant ingredients, none of which are tested on animals. We don't use emulsifiers, artificial colouring or fragrances, synthetic additives, or GMO's. 

The herbs we provide are all-natural the range of ingredients are always non-irradiated, GM-free (unless otherwise stated), and free from additives too. 

Customer satisfaction is very important to us so we would love to hear from you with any feedback on our products.

The brains behind Edenic Pathway

A qualified Gospel medical missionary who has a keen interest in natural healing for over 12 years, I'm currently undergoing studies with Wildwood Lifestyle Centre who have helped many people not only stop disease progression, but naturally reverse it.

I believe in using natural health principles and nutrition to help the body heal itself.

God has impressed me to establish Edenic Pathway for the purpose of educating people in the principles and laws of healthful living. 

I have worked along side some gospel medical missionary learning and experiencing a wide range of illness' and have seen some with chronic illness, reversed. I thank God for the knowledge he has given me when it comes to preparing healthy plant based meals which I enjoy along with going for walks and reading the Bible.​

With Christian Love


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