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Botanical Name: Boswellia carterii

Aroma: Rich balsamic, slightly warmer than Boswellia neglecta

Extraction: By slashing the bark of the tree, a sticky fragrant resin is produced, from which the frankincense oil is steam distilled. 
Part of Plant: Resin
Country of Origin Somaliland

Uses: Excellent for dry and mature skins due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Can also be used on oily skins in small quantities due to its natural astringency and after sun exposure. Helpful for clearing the lungs and toning mucus membranes. It supports deep, gentle breathing which helps to calm and clear the mind making Frankincense one of the best oils for meditation. The properties are much the same as Boswellia neglecta.

Frankincense Essential Oil 10ml

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  • The Frankincense tree is a scraggly, but hardy tree which originates from Oman and the Middle East.

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